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Celebration of European Day for the Fight against Human Trafficking

Published date: 17.10.2013 12:50 | Author: Ivona Međedović

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In the spirit of 18 October which is a European Anti-trafficking Day, and with the aim to create a powerful message to young people regarding this social problem, October is proclaimed as the month of fight against human trafficking.

Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Office for the Fight against Human Trafficking, treats prevention as one of the key activities covering all categories of population, and above all young people who are the most vulnerable category.

Practice showed that society has to begin with preventive and educational actions in education system, because school has a teaching and educational role as well in developing and educating an independent youth. An appropriate and systematic education and the prevention of problems raised by human trafficking, implemented by teachers and professional associates, are one of the most efficient solutions for fight against this social problem.

Respecting the importance of this topic in raising awareness with children and young people on preventing human trafficking, Ministry of Education sent recommendations to school managements to, in cooperation with their teachers, support the idea that 18 October, the European Anti-trafficking day, is being celebrated in such a way that the first lesson in all elementary and secondary schools in Montenegro is dedicated to this issue.