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Press release: Ministry of Education implementing Project “Interactive centres for early and preschool education”

Published date: 10.10.2013 15:01 | Author: MInistry of Education

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In accordance with the “Strategy of Early and Preschool Education”, Ministry of Education implements a project entitled “Interactive centres for early and preschool education”, financed by the National Commission for UNESCO.


Project “Interactive centres for early and preschool education” is intended for children living in rural areas.


After completing the analysis, it is shown that the project should be implemented in three municipalities: Danilovgrad, Berane and Rozaje, assessing that there is a considerable number of rural villages with an insufficient coverage of children.


Interactive services will be therefore organized in the preschool institutions: “Irena Radovic” from Danilovgrad, “Radmila Nedic” from Berane and “Bosko Buha” from Rozaje.


Regarding families and children from this region, the services of early and preschool education will be provided with the setting up of interactive services, to be set up in the nearest preschool unit. Preschool teachers will be appointed for home visits to families and children in rural areas, to promote programs and activities for child’s development and also provide instructions for parents how to supervise their child’s development.


In addition to equipping preschool institutions with the necessary didactics, writing a job description and methodology of visits, and organizing training for staff will also be done.


The first out of the three planned seminars will be held on 10 and 11 October 2013 in Podgorica.