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Opened the new facility of Student dormitory in Podgorica

Published date: 30.09.2013 00:00 | Author: Ivona Međedović / Milena Roganović

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Montenegrin Prime Minister Mr. Milo Djukanovic today officially opened the new facility of Student dormitory in Podgorica.

At the opening ceremony, besides the Prime minister, Minister of Education Mr. Slavoljub Stijepovic and the President of the Student Parliament Mr. Milos Pavicevic, have also greeted all present.

The new accommodation facility, built according to the latest world and ecological standards is estimated to cost 8.000.000,oo EUR. The dormitory is a building with basement, ground-floor and six floors with gross surface 7 630 m2, out of which the surface of the above part covers 6 690 m2. This building has 126 rooms with two beds and 70 rooms with three beds, with the total capacity of 462 places. In rooms with two beds at the ground-floor and other floors, it is foreseen 12 places for persons with special needs. In addition to the accommodation capacities, this building possesses the following content: reception, office facilities for administration, technical facilities, a library with a reading-room with the capacity of 84 places, as well as an internet room with 20 places.

Each room possesses a sanitation knot and an internet connection supply.

Its construction is carried out according to the public-private partnership model. The subject of this public-private partnership is financing, projecting, construction, equipping, maintaining, home management and providing services of accommodation for the at least 380 students for the period of 10 months per year for a 30-year period. The Government has provided land and payment for the public utilities furnish of land.

The private partner “Kroling” LTD from Danilovgrad began works on the construction of the student dormitory in April 2012 and had completed its work in the agreed deadline.

The new building, as planned, will be open for students from this study year.