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Published results in the framework of the Sixth public call – Montenegro participates in 11 projects

Published date: 27.11.2013 10:55 | Author: Ivona Međedović / Milena Roganović

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We inform you that the results of selection in the framework of the Sixth Public Call of Tempus IV have been formally published.

Montenegrin higher educational institutions are participating in 11 projects –nine regional and two national. The budget for Montenegro amounted to around 2 million euro, because the European Commission has increased the budget foreseen for Montenegro due to a number of excellent projects.  What is especially significant and shows success for Montenegro,  is that Montenegrin higher education institutions have coordinated three newly-chosen important projects.

Projects where Montenegrin higher education institutions are participating in relate to the development of professional programs in the field of energy efficiency in the Western Balkans, development of sustainable linkages between education, research and innovation in the field of nanotechnologies, development of learning outcomes in the higher education institutions in Montenegro (coordinator is the University of Montenegro), Improving education in the field of cyber technologies, the curricula reform in the field of education of nurses, modernization of studies in the field of marine studies (coordinator the University of Montenegro), development of student entrepreneurship, connecting academic and entrepreneurship knowledge through the technologically advanced learning and sustainability of agriculture through lifelong learning.