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Announcement: Signing of an Agreement on providing the funds for solving the residential needs of education workers, signed between the Ministry of Education and Trade Union of Education of Montenegro

Published date: 02.12.2013 11:53 | Author: Ivona Međedović / Milena Roganović

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Minister of Education, Mr. Slavoljub Stijepovic and the President of Trade Union Mr. Zvonko Pavicevic, will sign on Monday, December 2 2013, an Agreement on providing the funds for solving residential needs of the employed in education, signed between Ministry of Education and Trade Union of Montenegro. 

The Government of Montenegro and the line Ministry, from the day of the founding of the Housing cooperative “Solidarity” until today, have allocated the funds in the total amount of 3.171.183,00 euro, for the needs of realizing the activities for improving conditions of residence of the education workers.

The Ministry and Trade Union Education, taking into consideration the previous activities performed by the Housing collective “Solidarity”, and  as a result of which the construction of  516 housing units in 14 Montenegrin municipalities for the employed in education was carried out or is in progress, and awarded 1.199 loans for individual solving of dwelling problems, what has, in addition, significantly contributed to solving residential questions in education, shall continue with successful cooperation in the period to come.

The signing of the Agreement shall be held in the premises of Ministry of Education, address Vaka Djurovica bb, in 13.00h.