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Project “School without violence- the safe school environment”

Published date: 29.11.2013 11:55 | Author: Ivona Međedović / Milena Roganović

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Ministry of Education and Bureau for Education, supported by the UNICEF Office in Montenegro, are implementing the Project “School without violence – the safe school environment”.

The aim of the Project is raising awareness and knowledge on the appearance of peer violence in school, defining and functioning of the protection network as a school’s answer to this manifestation, as well as connecting school and local community aiming at improvement and sustainability of planned school activities. ‘The Work Manual”, the “Brochure for parents” were prepared in the framework of this project, and prepared and piloted the “Questionnaire for estimating the peer violence”. 

                 Presentation of the Project aimed at the principals of elementary schools in the North of Montenegro was organized on 25 November 2013 in Public elementary school “Radomir Mitrovic” in Berane. Subsequent to this, members of the school professional services participated in a one-day workshop and get acquainted with the basic work methods of the Project (The school rules, The restitution, Protocol on managing). Moderators at the seminar for professional assistants for the Northern region were: Marijana Bulatovic, and Nejra Mekic, psychologists.

                 The principals of elementary schools of the Southern region attended presentation of the Project on 27 November 2013 in the Public elementary school “The Second elementary school” in Budva, and members of professional services of respective schools participated at the one-day workshop (The school rules, The restitution, The protocol on management).

                 The seminar moderators for professional assistants in the Southern part were: Radmila Bajkovic, psychologist and Mirjana Mijovic, pedagogue.

                 For Central region, a presentation and the workshop (The school rules, The restitution, Protocol on managing) was held on 29 November 2013 in the Ministry of Education, Podgorica. Moderators of the seminar for professional assistants for Central Region were: Zorica Minic, psychologist and Jadranka Gavranovic, pedagogue.

                 On this occasion, presentations were given by Radoje Novovic, pedagogue and Nadja Lutershek, psychologist from the Bureau for Education.