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Regional ministerial conference on inclusive education, Istanbul

Published date: 13.12.2013 12:06 | Author: Ivona Međedović

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At the Regional Ministerial Conference on Education, held in Istanbul from 10th to 13th December 2013, Montenegro’s Minister of Education presented the national educational policy of inclusive education.  

Montenegrin delegation, and Minister of Education Slavoljub Stijepovic, at the Regional Conference on Education, held in Istanbul from 10th to 13th   December 2013, presented the national educational policy of the inclusive education system.

At the meeting, Minister pointed out that our national educational policy is founded on the rights of every child to obtain quality education, and that the inclusive education development is one of the education reform priorities in Montenegro. He highlighted past key achievements in the field of inclusive education, the continuing application of an inclusive principle in the education system, and primarily, the right of any child to grow up in primary family and to receive schooling in the framework of a regular education system. According to this, a number of children with special educational needs are educated in formal schools in the conditions correspondent to their needs and possibilities.

At the conference, a Strategy of Inclusive Education was also presented with the aim to enable children with special educational needs the access to education and to ensure reaching developmental and educational achievements through an individualized, additional support.

Besides a systematic efforts on the promotion of the rights and inclusion of children with developmental disabilities, the results of the campaign of Montenegro’s Government and the UNICEF Office in Montenegro “We are talking about possibilities” with the aim to raise awareness of Montenegrin public and influence on changing attitudes and practice of the inclusion of children with the developmental needs in society. It is highlighted that the percentage of citizens who think that it is better for children with developmental disabilities to live in their families than to be sent in special institutions. 

There is an increasing percentage of parents who consent that children with special educational needs should attend classes together with their children, and think that their children have close friendship with their peers out of school, as well as percentage of those who think that their children with special educational needs should be equally respected as members of the community and should have equal chance to participate in the society.

The representatives of the Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the state delegation members exchanged experiences and the examples of positive practice, they discussed about the possibilities of improving education so as to improve the learning outcome, talked about expanding quality services of early upbringing and education, as well as about the plan of action for the period following 2015. It is agreed that, by way of cooperation, the progress in achieving equality in education should be accelerated, which is contained in the joint document “Call for action”, with the aim to provide an equal approach to education and the inclusion of all children in quality education and upbringing.

On this occasion, Minister has also met with the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Nabi Avi. Turkish minister accepted Minister Stijepovic’s invitation to visit Montenegro and Montenegro’s educational institutions in the future.