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Digital skills must be integrated into the school curriculum and education system

Digital skills must be integrated into the school curriculum and education system
Published date: 09.02.2017 17:00 | Author: PR Department

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“It is necessary to initiate discussions for the revision of policies that relate to the digital skills in education and the school curriculum”, it was announced, among other things, during the conference "New Technologies in Education", which was, together with the fair part, held from 8th to 11th February in Belgrade. The Conference was attended by the Minister of Education dr Damir Šehović, as head of the delegation.

Yesterday's forum at a higher level, within the framework of the Conference, which was held in the Palace of Serbia, was opened by Mladen Šarčević, the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, H. E. Denis Keefe, the British Ambassador in Belgrade and Joe Beal, the Director of Education and Society at the British Council.

They discussed the challenges and opportunities for the development of education through the improvement of digital skills of young people, and the ways in which countries can support these efforts.

They also discussed the key strategic priorities for the development of digital skills in the region, and the discussion was focused on how to ensure the inclusion of the development of digital skills in the school curriculum, weather there are any needs to revise the activities in higher education in order to introduce trainings that support the needs of the digital economy, and how to include the development of these skills in teacher trainings.

Along with the working part, the fair part of the Conference has been opened today, in which will participate, about 6.5 thousand teachers and where they will introduce a large number of companies and institutions. During the Fair, it is possible to try and interactive solutions for the classroom and become familiar with the functioning of the latest software and hardware solutions in this area.

During the participation in the Conference, Minister Šehović gave an interview to the Radio - Television Serbia in which they discussed the importance of digital skills in education and the presentation of the plans of the Ministry of Education of Montenegro for the next period.

The Conference "New Technologies in Education", which is attended by 180 lecturers this year, aims to support pre-school institutions, schools, universities and other organizations involved in education to become more innovative, modernize the learning process and to better exploit opportunities that technology provides.