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The Eight Conference of European Ministers of Education

Published date: 25.06.2004 15:23 | Author: Naslovna strana

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On 24-25 June 2004, Minister of Education and Science Slobodan Backovic participates in the Eight informal Conference of European Ministers of Education in Oslo. The conference is entitled Lifelong learning: from rhetoric to reality. In close cooperation with the European Commission and the Irish Presidency, the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research hosts this Conference, which will bring together the ministers of education from the Member States and new Member States of the European Union, candidate countries, as well as EFTA/EEA and south-eastern European countries.

The aim of the conference is to provide a framework for discussion on political and practical challenges involved in transforming and modernising education, training and learning policies. Lifelong learning is a challenge for all levels and types of education, especially formal education, which should provide necessary competencies and abilities for lifelong learning. These competencies and qualifications should be done at individual and enterprise, as well as at society level.

As a member of working group, the minister took part in a discussion on capacity building for lifelong learning. Minister Backovic discussed basic guidelines for more flexible and open program planning at all levels. The ministers acknowledged that identification and validation play an important role in developing strategies for lifelong learning.

The ministers acknowledged the importance of raising public awareness on necessity of lifelong learning in order to develop a knowledge-based society and economy. The ministers discussed their experiencies and recognized the need for more systematic exchange of experiences and practices.