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"A Book for a friend"

Published date: 24.08.2004 08:58 | Author: Naslovna strana

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In the course of preparations for the beginning of a new school year, Montenegrin Ministry of Education and Science has considered problem of providing necessary textbooks for elementary and secondary schools. In order to reduce expences that students and parents have for bying new textbooks, the Ministry is of opinion that children and their parents can save considerable amount of money by exchanging old textbooks and in that way protect the family budget.

For this reason, the Ministry of Education and Science has sent out a letter of recommendation to the principals of schools, proposing to organize an exchange of used textbooks at the beginning of the school year. This action entitled A Book for a friend can take place on September 2 3, 2004 in elementary and secondary schools in Montenegro.

Students will be able to trade old textbooks, or to sell them to their friends for a symbolic price. In addition, students can give away their school literature to school libraries. The Ministry has recommended to the principals to organize the action in school hallways and courtyards, in places where there is enough space for gathering students and parents.

The Ministry of Education and Science hopes that exchanging of used books in schools at the beginning of every school year will become traditional and will find big support among students, their parents and schools.