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Minister of Education and Science Slobodan Backovic has met today with the ambassador of Macedonia Viktor Dimovski

Published date: 27.10.2004 17:34 | Author: Naslovna strana

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Minister of Education and Science Slobodan Backovic and deputy minister for higher education Slobodanka Koprivica have met today in Podgorica with the ambassador of Macedonia Viktor Dimovski, who is currently paying an official visit to Montenegro. Meeting was aimed at examining possibilities for drawing up of a concrete agreement for bilateral cooperation in the near future.

Participants at the meeting agreed that there are numerous reasons for stepping up bilateral cooperation in education. Ambassador Dimovski has offered participation in the future negotiations, after the areas and models of cooperation have been determined. Minister emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation of two ministries, recognizing their mutual interest in the joint recognition of university diplomas.

One of the themes at the meeting was stepping up cooperation between scientific institutions and institutes as well. Participants have agreed that they should establish cooperation on principles of reciprocity in order to facilitate implementation of mobility in formal education and scientific research.

Participants agreed that the cooperation between education institutions should be strengthened and improved in order to provide free and dynamic mobility of students, researchers and experts.