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Press release: Montenegrin delegation met in Belgrade with the representatives of World bank

Published date: 24.02.2005 13:40 | Author: Naslovna strana

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On 21-22 February 2005 in Belgrade Montenegrin delegation headed by minister of Education nad Science Slobodan Backovic had official negotiations with the reperesentatives of the World Bank regarding the loan for supporting education reform in Montenegro.

Participants at the official negotiations have reached an agreement on the Draft of the Agreement on the WB 5 million USD loan, that will be submitted to the Government of Montenegro for consideration.

During negotiations it is confirmed that this programme will enhance the quality of teaching and learning in reformed schools (elementary and high schools) over the period from 2005-2009.

In accordance with the strategic objectives of the Montenegrin Ministry of Education and Science means provided with the loan will be allocated for: preparing textbooks that will follow new curricula and programmes, procurement of textbooks for children from disadvantaged and poor environments, teacher training, establishing the model of external assessment of students achievement, participating in the international PISA testing, procurement of the necessary equipment for connecting schools administration to MEIS, enabling decentralization of education financing, equipping the future Examination centre, various repairments on schools, procurement of teaching materials etc.

It is planned that, after the meeting of members of the World Bank Board (to be held by the end of March 2005) and accomplishing other necessary commitments, money from the loan will be available by the end of June or at the beginning of July 2005. This will enable all necessary preparations to be conducted in 27 elementary schools in Montenegro for the successful implementation of the education reform.