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Announcement: Launching the project Tourist region Montenegro School project for tourism

Published date: 05.05.2005 14:17 | Author: Naslovna strana

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Montengrin Ministry of Education and Science is organizing a seminar entitled Tourist region Montenegro School project for tourism. Seminar is organized within the Education Development in Montenegrin Tourism Project (TUR A REG), implemented by the Montenegrin Ministry of Education and Science and Austrian CulturContact. Project is financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and Austrian Cooperation Eastern Europe and it will be presented on a tree-day seminar, from 6 8 May in Bar. The official beginning of the seminar is Friday, May 6th in Hotel Topolica - Bar.

Few months ago Montenegro and Austria signed a Contract on cooperation in education of young people for the needs in tourism. On its basis Tourist region Montenegro project has been officially approved. The main aim of the project is strengtening tourism in Montengro, in order to enhance the quality of tourism in all parts of Montenegro. Special emphasis is put on improving capacity of education institutions, in order to meet the challenges of continuous changes in tourism needs, in accordance with the dynamics of education reform in tourism.

The Seminar will be offically opened by the minister of Education and Science Slobodan Backovic. At the official beginning the representative of the Austrian Government for Serbia and Montenegro Hans-Jorg Hummer, Deputy Minister for Tourism Zoran Duletic, representative of CulturContact Monika Mot and the mayor of Bar Anka Vojvodic will give a speech to the participants of the seminar.