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The Bureau for Education Services

Published date: 29.05.2003 00:00 | Author: Institucije

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The Bureau for Education Services is foreseen as the leading institution of the education system, to which the greatest number of solutions stated in The Book of Changes and in the set of laws on education refers. This institution will encompass research, advisory and development functions within the scope of its work, and as such, it will represent one of the most significant elements of support for the education system in Montenegro.

In addition to the execution of functions that have been carried out within the framework of the education system, the proposed solutions also deal with the functions that the Montenegro education system has not executed so far (for
example, the quality assurance, continuous professional development through training based on standards, work with children with special needs, the separate functions of evaluators and of advisors, ), and therefore this clearly indicates the necessity for the establishment of the Bureau for Education Services.

The Bureau for Education Services will deal with any work relating to general education (covering all issues in the area of preschool education, primary education, and general secondary education), however it will also deal with work relating to the general part of education in vocational schools and the general part of education within the scope of adult education. It will ensure the function of common characteristic for both types of education, such as the quality assurance,
continuous professional development for each and every professional in education, etc.

The provision of space and technical requirements (see Task No. A-4/5/6)
and the meeting of the preconditions for the functioning of its organizational units (see Annex 4) represent one of the biggest and most complex tasks within the scope of this strategic document, and delay in the accomplishment of such an important task would endanger the conduct of the whole education reform process.

Assumptions, limitations and risks:

The basic assumption for the meeting of this task is the readiness of the MES RM to invest all available resources, either financial or human, in the establishment of this significant institution of the education system.

Respecting the significance of this institution, it has been based on the assumption that the Government of the Republic of Montenegro and International Organizations will support the meeting of the requirements for the commencement of the Bureau for Education Services work, taking into account that the Ministry of Education and Science is not in situation to provide the necessary funds on its own.

The assistance in the completion of the task is obvious from the linkage of the EARs project for the reform of public administration with reference to the creation of the draft systematization of work posts for the employees in the Bureau for Education Services, in order to enable the organization of the institution to be as functional as possible from the very beginning.

The functioning of the Bureau for Education Services will be facilitated due to the fact that the existing structure of the MES RM already employs the staff, the competency, knowledge and the skills of whom will completely satisfy the needs of certain posts within this Bureau.

Nevertheless, the funds necessary for the supply of space and equipment, the salaries of institution employees, the funds for training and study visits by people who will work on specialized tasks in this Bureau characterize an extreme risk because of the existing financial situation of the MES RM, regardless of the
fact that the budget for education is extremely high in the total budget of the Republic compared to other countries (≈ 7% of the gross domestic product).


The establishing of the institution that will ensure the implementation and the maintenance of proposed changes through the conduction of research, development and advisory functions in education, for the purpose of quality assurance in education.

According to the Strategic plan, deadline for accomplishment of task is May 1, 2003.