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Information pack: National Youth Action Plan Development Process in Montenegro

Published date: 21.09.2005 11:21 | Author: NACIONALNI PLAN AKCIJE ZA MLADE

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This pack is intended as an introduction to the National Youth Action Plan development process PRONI is supporting the government of Montenegro to carry out. It begins with the general overview documents and a description of the entire process. After this come a series of documents detailing certain aspects of the process, specifically a more detailed description of the different groups involved in the process describing who should be in them, what their tasks and responsibilities and their relationship with other groups in the process. After this is a description of the Objective Development Seminar which forms a core part of the process and finally a detailing of the agreements between the government of Montenegro and PRONI, including the financial agreements and commitments made.

This version of the document is not a final description of the process. These documents will provide the basis of the discussions upon which the final formula is built. Download