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Thirty representatives from higher education institutions attended a successful seminar about “Criteria for Effective Quality Assurance Systems in Higher Education”

Published date: 22.11.2010 10:13 | Author: Ivona Međedović

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Designing and implementing quality systems at institution and programme level can seem a challenging task. A one-day seminar was therefore organised by the IPA NQF and Quality Assurance in education project with the aim of helping HE institutions improve their QA systems.  This was the third seminar in the series of activities for the members of the Cross-Faculty QA network. The seminar was conducted by Dr Patricia Georgieva, a long-term consultant for quality assurance in higher education within the project team and an experienced practitioner in higher education quality assurance systems.


The Seminar topic is closely linked to internal quality assurance processes in Montenegro and the approach to re-accreditation which is based on external evaluation of the effectiveness of institutional and faculty quality systems.  One of the main aims was to help establish a common understanding about what constitutes an effective quality assurance system, so that both university quality managers and external accreditors have shared expectations and assumptions about the main features of such a system in the context of higher education.


Participants heard about the use of closed quality cycles as well as other key parameters of successful quality systems.  They also had the opportunity to focus on the design of quality structures. The idea of regular programme review as a mechanism for quality assurance with associated responsibilities for quality and standards at various levels in the institution was also introduced. Small-group workshop sessions provided opportunities to discuss and implement some of the ideas about quality assurance systems in designing an institution or faculty structure for quality assurance.  It is anticipated that through participation in the seminar and in these discussions, the development of effective quality assurance systems in Montenegrin universities and higher education institutions will be supported.


Seminar materials are available to members of the cross-faculty network on their website   Further information can be obtained from Maja Djukanovic from the project team.  Tel/Fax: + 382 20 414 251, +382 69 508 574,