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Briefing on MQF for members of the Senate of the University of the Mediteran

Published date: 06.12.2010 12:17 | Author: Ivona Međedović

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Members of the project team of the MQF and Quality Assurance in education project were kindly invited to provide a briefing about the MQF for members of the University Senate. Janet Swainger, team leader and Slavica Raicevic, education expert gave a general overview of the main elements of the system and provided an update on progress towards adoption of a Law to regulate the MQF. Mrs Swainger said that the Montenegrin drafting team had created a Framework that offers many new and exciting opportunities for the development of qualifications and for gaining recognition of performance, however the competence is gained.  It will be possible to gain recognition for small amounts of learning as well as large amounts that are the norm for current qualifications.   It also provides the scope for acquiring certification and building up to a whole qualification gradually.  This should lead to greater recognition of the outcomes of learning that takes outside formal full-time school and university programmes as well as those gained within them.  This should help to promote lifelong learning and make it more of a reality.  The briefing was welcomed by the members of the Senate who said that they were very committed to moving this important develop forward.