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Establishment of a national framework for qualifications in Montenegro moves a step closer

Published date: 19.01.2011 10:38 | Author: Ivona Medjedovic

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A Law on the National Qualification Framework was adopted by Parliament at the end of 2010 and was published in ”Official Gazzette of Montenegro” no. 80 on 31 December. This marks the conclusion of a considerable amount of work on the development of the Law by the Department for Legal Issues and Law harmonization of the Ministry of Education and Sports and representatives from the IPA-project Working group on MQF under the Project “National Qualifications Framework and Quality Assurance in Education” within IPA 2007. The team leader of the IPA project, Janet Swainger provided technical expertise and support during this process.  Speaking on behalf of the project team,  Mrs Swainger said:

“I am absolutely delighted that Montenegro now has a Law to guide the future development of the MQF. Setting up the necessary systems and procedures to support the functioning of the MQF and the development and approval of qualifications that meet international standards can now move ahead.   There is a considerable amount of work to be done, but the development of the MQF is important to increasing the possibilities for people to gain recognition for their knowledge, skills and competences however they have been acquired.  If implemented appropriately, the developments will increase the quality of qualifications and the value of Diplomas and Certificates awarded as a result of learning and assessment.  There will also be greater flexibility about how and where to learn.

The IPA project team continuously supporting the MQF development process.  During the coming months the team will work with the MQF working group, the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Directors of the main implementing institutions to develop a detailed action plan for the next phase of implementation.   A range of publicity materials will be developed to help increase awareness about the MQF and to aid the development and implementation of the necessary systems.  For more information about the MQF please visit the dedicated MQF website