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MQF implementation moves ahead

Published date: 25.01.2011 11:59 | Author: Ivona Međedović

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Now that a Law on the National Qualifications Framework has been adopted, the Ministry of Education and Sport and the IPA-funded NQF and Quality Assurance in Education project is planning a busy schedule of activities for the coming months.  The new bodies to support and manage MQF implementation will be established, detailed planning about the implementation will take place, further events will be held to raise awareness about the MQF and new publications will be produced.  


Calendar of key dates in MQF development


Appointment of national steering group for MQF

End January 2011

Appointment of members of National Council for Qualifications

March 2011

Establishment of MQF Department in MoEs

By end March 2011

MQF implementation – action planning workshop

End January/beginning of February 2011

MQF information system training – administrators of the system

During period February/March

MQF information system training – users of the system

Information and qualification modules of the MQF Information System “live”

February 2011

Employer Conference on MQF hosted by SME Directorate, MoLSW and Montenegrin Employers’ Federation

16th February 2011

Briefing on MQF for Senate at University of Montenegro

27th January 2011

Study visit – MQF implementation

Provisional date 27th February – 5 March 2011

Media training for key spokespeople for MQF (remaining 2 sessions)

February 2011

Media day - awareness raising on MQF for Press and visual media

March 2011

Bureau for Education Services – seminars on developing Citizenship unit for teachers

24 and 25 March 2011

Drafting of special regulations on MQF begins

February 2011

Sectoral Commission for Tourism and Hospitality – 5th meeting

23rd February 2011

Sectoral Commission for Construction and Architecture – 5th meeting

24th February 2011

Publication of additional awareness-raising tools – leaflet, postcard, presentation pack, animated clip about MQF

End March 2011

Publication of MQF User Manual

April 2011