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Recent event held on 18th January 2011 Policy Seminar for Accrediting Bodies on the Evaluation and Accreditation Framework in Montenegro

A Quality Assurance Policy Seminar for Accrediting Bodies

Published date: 26.01.2011 12:13 | Author: Ivona Međedović

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On Tuesday 18th January, a seminar was held for the members of the Council for Higher Education and representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science concerning the Framework and Regulations for External Evaluation and Accreditation in Montenegro.  The seminar was organized through the  EU-funded project „National qualification framework and quality assurance in education” and was conducted by Dr. Patricia Georgieva, leading consultant for quality assurance within the project team.  Participants were informed about the generic functions of a Quality Assurance Agency including its administrative, co-ordination and decision-making functions.  

Ms. Mubera Kurpejović, Deputy Minister for Higher Education, gave an overview of the current situation and clarified the role of the Council in the in the field of higher education.  To inform the Council for Higher Education and Ministry of Education and Sports on the external processes more appropriately, Dr. Georgieva has presented a review of European Standards and Guidelines for quality assurance agencies, structured according to the ENQA Membership criteria. 

Using many practical examples, Dr. Georgieva helped participants to understand the role of the Council.  After the presentation she opened the discussion about the implications for the functioning of the Council for Higher Education as a national quality assurance body. One of the questions that was discussed extensively, was creating a list of experts for accreditation. 

Participants also received a copy of the leaflet on the Montenegrin Qualifications Framework (MQF).  The Law on MQF was adopted by the Parliament at the end of December 2010.  The leaflet sets out the main concept and elements of the MQF and highlights the benefits for learners and for employers. This raised the question of the jurisdiction and the role of the Council in the National Qualifications Framework. 


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