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Recent event held on 25th January 2011

Sets of criteria for selection of experts for Evaluation and Accreditation

Published date: 28.01.2011 10:41 | Author: Ivona Međedović

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On Tuesday 25th January, Council for Higher Education and Ministry of Education and Sports Working group met with members of the project team of the NQF and Quality Assurance in education project to discuss criteria for selection of experts for Evaluation and Accreditation in Higher Education.  The meeting was conducted by Dr. Patricia Georgieva, leading consultant for quality assurance within the project team.


The working group discussed material produced by Dr Georgieva since last meeting of the Council for Higher Education (Experts´ recommendations and decisions, criteria for selection, publicity and mandate).  The issues of including students and of including employer representatives into panels of experts were raised.  Dr Georgieva gave many examples to illustrate the two ideas, explaining why it is good to include students, and how this can be organised.  She also gave examples of how employer representatives can be included into the process of reaccredidation.


One of the questions that was discussed extensively, was criteria for the selection of experts.  Dr Georgieva outlined an example procedure for the nomination and appointment of experts which included three phases:

Phase 1: Call for applications

Phase 2: Administrative check, Inclusion

Phase 3: Appointment 


Draft procedures for inclusion of students in evaluation panels and for the nomination and appointment of experts will be considered at the next meeting of the group which will be held on Thursday 3rd February 2011 at the MoES.


For further information, please contact Ms Maja Đukanović, our local expert via phone +38220414251 and +38269508574 or by e-mail