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Recent event - 18 February: Seminar for the Cross-faculty Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Montenegro

Improving Student Learning through Effective Assessment and Feedback

Published date: 01.03.2011 12:31 | Author: Ivona Međedović

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On Friday, 18 February, a half day seminar was organized about this important topic for representatives of the various higher education institutions.  The seminar was held at the University of Montenegro as a part of the programme of support for the Cross-faculty network members with quality assurance responsibilities provided through the EU-funded project „National qualification framework and quality assurance in education’’

The topic of the seminar was the improvement of student learning through effective assessment and feedback. The facilitator was a renowned international consultant, Professor Ray Land, Director of the Centre for Academic Practice and Learning Enhancement at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

Presentations focused on “the role of assessment in fostering deep learning” and “Principles of effective assessment and feedback”. By analyzing two case studies of student assessment participants identified the principles that assessment should ideally meet. The participants learned about the experiences of internationally recognized universities, and exchanged ideas on ways of using marking schemes and assessment criteria to achieve more reliable grades.

For additional information regarding the forthcoming events of the Cross-faculty Network, please contact Maja Djukanović, our local expert, by phone + 382 20 414 251, +382 69 508 574, or by e-mail .