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MQF IS Training

MQF IS Training
Published date: 24.03.2011 10:37 | Author: Ivona Međedović

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On 17th and 18th March 17 representatives from the Bureau for Education Services, Examination Centre and the Vocational Education Centre met to be trained on, and try out, the new MQF Information System. The Information System will bring together information about the MQF and about all the qualifications that are available in the country (at all levels and through all providers) in a single place.  This should make it much easier for members of the public and those who need information about the MQF and about qualifications available to locate the full range of information.  The information system can be found at


The EU-funded project “National Qualification Framework and Quality Assurance in education” developed the first phase of the MQF Information System and also organized the seminar.  Mr Zoran Nikolovski, leading Information System consultant within the project team led the seminar.  

 Ivona Međedović

After providing a general overview of the MQF system participants had a chance to try out the system in order to increase their understanding of how it can help their institutions in planning qualifications and sharing information about them.


Participant also received a draft of copy of The Training Guide for the Qualifications Module; the final version will be available for download (by those who are registered users) from MQF website


For further enquires, please contact Ms Maja Đukanović, our local expert via phone +38220414251 and +38269508574 or by e-mail