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Sectoral Commissions for Qualifications meet for a second time

Published date: 01.10.2010 13:51 | Author: Ivona Međedović

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During the period of September 28-30. 2010 three one-day meetings of the Sectoral Commissions for qualifications - Construction and spatial development, Tourism and hospitality and Agriculture, food and veterinary were held.

The main topic during the meetings was analysis of current qualifications and how they fit against the emerging Montenegro Qualification Framework.  Members of the Commissions analysed the current situation within their sectors with specific reference to the labour market and employers’ needs, as well as to the future socio-economic development needs in Montenegro. Sectoral commission’s members considered available research data in construction and spatial development, tourism and hospitality and agriculture, food and veterinary sectors, including strategic documents and policy papers. For each of the sectors and sub-sectors they considered; the workforce structure, the influence of global competition, developments in science and technology, economic factors and trends relevant to their sectors.  On the basis of their findings they started the process of making proposals for new and revised qualifications that will satisfy future needs.

Members of the Sectoral Commission for Construction and spatial development reported after the meeting that they are pleased about the establishment of the sectoral commissions. They believe the Commissions will make a special contribution to the overall human capital improvement in Montenegro. By establishing sectoral commissions for qualifications, as a part of the Montenegro Qualification Framework, Montenegro will be able to identify the qualifications needed at levels, from the most basic to the most advanced.  This will help Montenegro to become a part of European qualification area as well, and for Montenegro qualifications to be recognized across the Europe. It is of special importance that MQF will provide the opportunity for recognition of non-formal and informal learning as well as that which takes place in the more formal school and university system.

The next meetings for the Sectoral Commissions for Qualifications will be held October 26, 2010 for construction and spatial planning, October 27, 2010 for sector of tourism and hospitality and 28th for agriculture, forestry, food processing and veterinary.