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NQF And Quality Assurance


Awareness Raising Sessions About the MQF

Awareness Raising Sessions About the MQF Two further awareness raising sessions about the MQF were held for senior members of the Montenegrin Employment Agency and for members of the Councils for VET, Adult and General Education at the beginning of July.


The project reaches its half-way point!

June and July have been very busy for those working on the NQF and QA in education project which has now been running for almost 10 of its 20 month duration. A number of outputs have been completed and progress on both components is becoming increasingly noticeable. On the MQF, the development phase is almost complete and in September the implementation phase (that will help to turn the concept into a reality) will start.


Awareness raising about Montenegrin Qualifications Framework enters a new stage!

Awareness raising about Montenegrin Qualifications Framework enters a new stage!

In order to prepare people from key national institutions to apply and implement the MQF in an efficient and high quality manner, a further series of awareness raising seminars/workshops has been organized during the last two weeks. Employees in the Ministry of Education and Science, the Bureau for Education and the Examination Centre considered the whole Montenegro Qualification Framework concept and, in particular, the implications of the MQF implementation for their regular work activities.


Visual identity for MQF

Strawberry I&S, a regional media and design company has been contracted to produce an MQF/CKO logo and a visual identity for the whole MQF/CKO development. In addition to the logos (Montenegrin and English versions) and accompanying book of standards, a set of templates has been commissioned. This development should help create a brand identity for the MQF and increase recognition of this important development.


Working Group meetings for MQF conducted

The MQF working group met again on two occasions in May - 13th and 18th in the MOES conference room. These were full day workshops with the focus on finalizing the methodologies developed at the previous residential workshop in Pobori. Over the two days the group finalized the following methodologies: • Classifying a Qualification, • Specifying a Qualification, • Aligning an existing qualification with the MQF, • Placing a new qualification on the MQF and • Applying a credit rating to a qualification.


CONSULTATIONS on proposing the number of levels and sub-levels within the National Qualification Framework, as well as defining of each level descriptor in terms of learning outcomes in view of the knowledge, skills and competences that an individual is su

The Government of Montenegro adopted a document Strategy for the Establishment of a Montenegrin Qualification Framework at the end of 2008 with the aim of defining activities that have to be realised in order that Montenegro could establish a qualification system in the most effective way, providing not only enhanced transparency and mobility but also easier comparison with EU qualification systems and those of other countries. When recognising the significance of this matter, the EU allocated a part of the IPA (IPA 2007) resources for realisation of the project “National Qualification Framework and Quality Assurance in Education” which supports the realisation of activities defined in the Strategy.


Awareness raising for staff in the VET Centre

Six representatives from the VET Centre met with Slavica Raicevic and Janet Swainger from the IPA NQF and quality assurance in education project last Thursday (29th April) for the first of a series of regular weekly sessions about the MQF.


NQF working group

The NQF working group will be meeting on two occasions in the coming weeks. On the 13th May they will work on concluding the methodologies for classifying qualifications and for specifying a qualification.


The Montenegrin Qualifications Framework (MQF)

The Montenegrin Qualifications Framework (MQF) is a vehicle to understand and compare qualifications; to be used by learners, employers and the general public to show the links between different types and levels of qualifications, and the progression pathways available for lifelong learning.


IPA project team in Mojkovac

IPA project team in Mojkovac

The members of the IPA project team visited Mojkovac on the 19th March to talk to school directors and representatives of the Employment bureaus in the Northern municipalities of Montenegro about the Montenegrin Qualification Framework. Secondary school ‘Vuksan Đukić’ in Mojkovac hosted the event which was attended by 18 representatives of the various institutions. A lively discussion and practical work followed a presentation about the concept and the proposed levels for the MQF.