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JRC Enlargement and Integration Action 2007

Published date: 05.07.2007 16:25 | Author: Nauka i visoko obrazovanje

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Joint Research Centre JRC has released a publication of the JRC Enlargement and Integration Action 2007. This is a catalogue of JRC technical workshops, training courses and temporary job-opportunities for Seconded National Experts with the aim to support the EU enlargement and integration and which are planned for the year 2007 and built on the experience of the schemes offered in previous years.

The scheme includes two instruments:

- Some 100 specialised workshops and advanced training courses with a focus on experts from New Member States, Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries as well as, on an ad hoc basis, to experts from the EU Neighbourhood Policy Partner Countries;

as well as

- Some 50 temporary job positions in JRC institutes for Seconded National Experts from:
Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries (CC/PCC) (experts from countries not associated to FP7 are not eligible);
Member States (MS), with priority to New Member States (NMS);
Non-EU countries which are associated to the Framework Programme (AC).

The full text of this action, including further details and deadlines, is available at:

The mission of the JRC is to provide customer-driven scientific and technical support for the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of EU policies. As a service of the European Commission, the JRC functions as a reference centre of science and technology for the Union. Close to the policy-making process, it serves the common interest of the Member States, while being independent of special interests, whether private or national.

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